About me

Illustrator - Coaching italian language.

I am Barbara De Giorgio, an Italian illustrator and graphic designer living in the Netherlands since 2016. With a background in Italian and French Literature, I taught language for many years before pursuing my passion for visual communication. In 2021-2022, I enrolled in the Master's program in Illustration at Falmouth University and simultaneously began working as a graphic designer and illustrator.

Vision and Mission

My aim is simple: to gently communicate the emotions that drive our lives through my illustrations and designs. Inspired by people, their feelings, and daily experiences, my illustrations and designs aspire to capture the essence of human connection and the beauty of everyday life through colors and lines. My mission is to utilize visuals as a tool to effectively and warmly communicate, bridging the gap where words may fall short, thereby achieving a more impactful and powerful expression.


Available for work

Let's turn ideas into reality, if you have one in mind or want to discuss collaboration, connect with me at degiorgiobarbara(at)gmail.com